Welcome to the Krakauer v. DISH Network Litigation Website

This website contains information about a class action lawsuit brought against DISH Network in federal court in Greensboro, North Carolina. The website is maintained by the Court-appointed Claims Administrator, KCC Class Action Services.

The lawsuit alleged violations of federal laws prohibiting telephone solicitations to 18,066 persons whose telephone numbers were listed on the National Do Not Call Registry. 


Address Updates: If the address on the Final Disbursement Order that lists all persons entitled to receive a payment needs to be updated, please request an address update by emailing the Claims Administrator atKrakauerLitigation@kccllc.com.  Include the name on the claim, original address, new address and at least one current form of documentation that includes both the name on the claim and the new address, such as a utility bill, phone bill, bank statement, etc.

If you submitted a claim for a telephone number that is on the class list, please click here for more information.